Speak Life: The Power of Affirmation

Our thoughts and words become the life that we live. What if our daily practice involved speaking life into ourselves and over each other?

Here we discuss the concept of affirmation and then we put it into practice in real time.

Listen to our experience and then please try it out for yourself. Let us know how you feel and how the folks around you feel too.

Share this episode with one friend you think needs to see just how great they really are. 


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All Heart Podcast is a lifestyle podcast, healing the culture with joy and pleasure.

Hosted by Noni Limar & Thea Monyeé

Produced and Edited by Debbie Allen


Our sister podcast can be found at Dem Black Mamas

Referenced the legendary Myleik Teele  who said: 

"If it wasn't said to me, it wasn't said." & "Don't hate unless you getting paid to." 

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